What is EXEX?

We are EXEX: a customer-focused company providing high-tech services in cryptocurrency trading, whose mission is fully reflected in our motto — “Safe and Simple”.

EXEX sets itself the most ambitious goals in the field of client trading security and maximum comfort in everyday trading. Today, EXEX's unique platform combines a detailed user interface with the most useful and proven trading tools.

We help limit risk and simplify online processes. The platform provides clients with a rich yet easy-to-use set of trading tools that facilitate decision-making on trades and provide a transparent understanding of risk mitigation. Read more about EXEX and Team here.

Where can I find the Terms of use and Privacy Policy?

You can find our Terms of use here.

Privacy Policy can be found here.

How do you make money?

EXEX charges one of the lowest transaction fees on the market - 0.05%. That’s the only instrument we have to gain profit.

How can I contact you?

We have several sources which you can use to contact us.

Social media:

You are also welcome to join/follow us in social media:

Do you have referral programs?

If you have a promo code, you can insert it in a special field when registering.

How to download the EXEX application?

EXEX is available on Android and iOS. Many users prefer mobile application as it allows trading anytime and anywhere! Click on the link below and start trading with EXEX:

EXEX on GooglePlay EXEX on AppleStore

Enjoy the EXEX App!

Trading has never been so easy
Seychelles, Mahe, Victoria, Frances Rachel Street, Sound & Vision House, Suite 1
EXEX LTD. Registered Number: 232147
EXEX LTD. Registered Number: 232147
Seychelles, Mahe, Victoria, Frances Rachel Street, Sound & Vision House, Suite 1