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/ What is blockchain technology?

What is blockchain technology?

Published 15 November 2022
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Blockchain technology


What is blockchain, and what does blockchain mean for the crypto industry? How can cryptocurrency blockchain be useful? Let's find out from our material.

Blockchain technology definition is a recognized technology for storing and transmitting data through a distribution registry or DTL, and it's a database with security, integrity, and continuity properties.

The officially recognized date of blockchain creation is October 30, 2008, when the Japanese programmer and creator of Bitcoin with the alias Satoshi Nakamoto published a protocol with the principles of the first cryptocurrency system in operation, Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System.

What is blockchain?

However, the first steps towards and the first blockchain terms creation were taken even earlier.

What Is blockchain technology?

Blockchain technology meaning has played a significant role in the overall development of the financial market in the last decade. Every part of the blockchain network is associated with cryptocurrencies. And this is true. It's the leading technology for transferring value for the vast majority of crypto market participants, and all its representatives are based on it. However, this is not the only industry where the blockchain concept is applicable. Today, blockchain technology is used in medicine, supply chains, data storage and delivery, inventory tracking and management, and many other areas of humanity.

Why is blockchain so important?

So what is a blockchain in crypto? Blockchain's role is very high because of the unique opportunities this technology offers. Thus, the main qualities of blockchain that are appreciated are:

  • Openness and transparency of all transactions.
  • An open registry of transactions allows every update to be tracked for all network users without exception, making all information transmitted more accessible and transparent.
  • Immutability.
  • Another of their key features is data persistence and immutability. Each node in the blockchain stores and transmits identical information without the ability to change it.
  • Decentralization.

By its very nature, Blockchain is an independent technology based on a mass of network participants. The more users of a particular blockchain, the more it is decentralized. There is no single center for managing and controlling the process. Speed of value delivery.

Blockchain is a key technology in cryptocurrencies precisely because of its structure, and the user can transfer value quickly and cheaply from one person to another, regardless of distance. Something that the classical financial system could not accomplish for many years.

Blockchain: what is for the crypto industry?

Today, blockchain is a central technology for cryptocurrencies. It's used as the basis for creating the digital economy, and the spread of this technology contributes to the general acceptance of digital currencies worldwide. Blockchain technology explained all the coins and tokens' trends and popularity. The token is a blockchain cryptocurrency.

Crypto blockchain

What is decentralization in blockchain?

Decentralization in the blockchain is a major benefit of this type of asset. Because of regulatory pressure and lack of trust in traditional financial institutions and structures, decentralization has made blockchain so in demand.

How does blockchain work?

So what is blockchain technology, and how does it work? Blockchain is represented by a chain of nodes (blockchain participants) that act as storage operators for this network. It is not a single server but many independent PCs networked together. Therefore, changing or tampering with data on one network is impossible without making changes on all other PCs.

All changes to the blockchain are achieved and approved through consensus, a change agreement approved by the miners.

The aggregate of changes and transactional data is formed into a block (merged registry record) approved/mined by the miner. Each block stores all data from previous entries plus new changes. This information is duplicated across the network. The aggregate of the blocks forms the blockchain.

What is a miner in blockchain?

Blockchain miners are the responsible nodes for storing, protecting, and verifying blockchain data. There is no limit to the number of miners; the more miners there are, the more decentralized the network is. This type of participant competes to solve the mathematical problem of finding a blockchain block and is rewarded for this action.

What's a blockchain platform?

As we wrote above, blockchain is used in many areas of development. A blockchain platform is a chosen technological solution for implementing applications of an adaptive nature. It can be entire ecosystems, token issuance, decentralized DeFi applications, or exchanges. Today, plenty of blockchain platforms provide their technology to developers—for example, Ethereum, Solana, BSC, Cardano, and others.

Types of blockchain

A large number of blockchain platforms are divided into types. In general, there are three types of blockchain platforms:

  • Open (whose source code can be used for any kind of development and whose transactions are publicly available for tracking);
  • Private blockchains used for personal development by one or more companies and business tokenization;
  • Government blockchains (for creating national-level projects and tokenizing industry).

Popular blockchains


Blockchain Technology is the basis for developing the entire cryptocurrency industry, the key to its growth and prosperity. In many ways, the use of blockchain and its features helped digital assets demonstrate this benefit and develop the idea of freedom in cryptocurrencies.

EXEX supports the development of blockchain technology and offers its users the maximum number of products created with it. The more users—the more the decentralized and immutable information storage base, called blockchain, becomes widespread.


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